Neuro-Ophthalmology Nuggets

This site presents essays on various aspects of clinical neuro-ophthalmology, with emphasis on visual disturbances and clinical examination techniques. Some basic knowledge of general ophthalmology is presumed. By Lars Frisén, MD, PhD (about).

• Nerve Fiber Layer Basics

• Hints on Eye Motility Examinations

• Diagnostic aids: • Nystagmus; • Pupils

• A compact EOM+ video library

• On Hidden Ocular Torsions, With a 3-D Twist

• Hints on Visual Field Examinations

• Visual Field Diagnosis by Pattern Matching

• On High-pass Resolution and RareBit Perimetry

• Multiple rarebits (multibits): a fast lane for vision testing

• On self-testing of vision - New test battery

• On Testing for Vigabatrin Toxicity

• Hints on Color Vision Testing - New threshold tests

• On Super-Resolution

• On Critical Testing of Central Vision

• On Seeing with Defective Vision

• Homonymous hemianopia: training gaze casting - New

• On Dichoptic Reaction Times

• Seeing Spots or Lights: Dynamic Simulations

• Unstable Vision: Dynamic Simulations

• Ocipital Epilepsy: Dynamic Simulations

• On Pulfrich's Phenomenon

• On Monocular Pulfrich Counterparts

• Vertiginous Vision and Diplopia: Dynamic Simulations

• The Next Best Instrument?

• Visual Diversions

• Making a webcam ophthalmoscope

• ... and an iPhone ophthalmoscope

• List of diagnostic aids on site, by name

• Neuroanatomy on the Web

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