Neuroanatomy on the Web

The roads to neuroanatomical knowledge have undergone major changes during the last few decades. Traditional hands-on teaching is no longer universally available. The closest thing may be clinical neuro-imaging rounds. There is a vast commercial selection of printed material and also a sprinkling of multimedia packages. There are also several web-based sources. The following short list focuses on interactive academic sources that can be accessed for free. Some are devised for on-line browsing whereas others must be downloaded and viewed off-line. Generally, the former use fairly small on-screen windows whereas the latter use larger windows or even full-screen presentations. The downside to downloads is the large size (typically > 100 MB) and long start-up times.

Online resources

Columbia University: Interactive Neuroanatomy Atlas

Harvard Medical School: The Whole Brain

Karolinska Institute: Central Nervous System - Visual perspectives

Download resources

Albany Medical College: Virtual Brain Model

University of Toronto: Neuronotes: Functional Neuroanatomy

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